Saturday, 7 February 2015

things I like lately

After nearly a week of beautiful winter weather, the sky is grey again. It makes me look forward to bright spring days. Photo from my spring archives.

- I saw a movie and I liked it
- Maple Walnut ice cream from Mövenpick
- beautiful mornings with - 7 °C and a full moon
- blue skies and gorgeous winter sun
- this interview with Courtney Adamo - I love her Instagram too
- two weeks ahead with no normal school; first a week of camp (leirskole) with my 8th grade students and then a week of winter break
- house progress; the kitchen is being installed this week + I think maaaybe we can slowly start moving in next weekend (I can't wait!!)
- lovely Indian food made by 9th grade during their weekly cooking class
- meeting my sister and her two months son earlier this week
- seeing Sara with her cousin
- Martha's scarfs

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- being away from Sara and Sølve for a whole week

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