Wednesday, 18 February 2015

life, week 7

the start of a different school/work week // på vei til Knaben leirskole

Monday class

The little shop at Knaben has everything; groceries, homemade knick knacks and antlers on sale.

My humble abode for the week. Also, thanks to the best colleagues, who will be babysit about 70 teenagers, I can call it a night at 8:30 pm due to a soar throat and a rising fever.

Evening view

8 am view from my window // no skiing for me - damn cold

Kvinesdal går for bokstavrim

Still not feeling well, so no skiing today either. At least I have a lovely locally produced honey to enjoy for lunch. Next up: nap time.

tending my cold with this view whilst the others are out skiing // Sara has become sick too and I miss her so much it hurts

Keeping me sane whilst surrounded by about 70 teenagers who communicate by running and shouting. Thank you, Molly!

Friday: departure day

At the end of week 24 of our house renovation project, we reached a milestone: slowly starting to move our belongings out of storage in my parents' garage and into the house.

I found a bulb in my garden and I wonder what it is. Tulip, maybe?

- - -

Week 7: February 9-15

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