Thursday, 5 February 2015

life, week 5

Very much needed walk after a hard evening of parenting. 

The last day of the long hair. (Here is after)

Grading student papers on my last day of supervised field experiences.

Even on the weekends I prefer my standard rolled oats breakfast.

Lucky us who have friends that are such excellent home chefs!

The big IKEA kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe Saturday required two hot dog breaks.

nephew bliss

She was quite fascinated by the ice and ordered me to take a photo of it.

Big smiles with aunt Mari

Four generations

She eagerly picked flowers for the bunad day (I have no idea what day she is referring to) when we (me and her) are getting married. Got to love the imagination of a three year old.

I grew up here.

- - -

Week 5: January 26 - February 1


  1. Hahaha, Lucia is also saying that we are getting married! Marrying mom must be the top aspiration for a three years old girl :)

  2. Oh! Pulse! I wish our IKEA had pulse.



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