Saturday, 3 January 2015

what happened to those 2014 plans?

August 23, 2014 - the day we moved from Bergen

Before I share my plans for 2015, I will go through my 2014 list and see what actually happened to all those pretty plans.

- cook a new meal from one of my cookbooks each week - I did it once or twice, then forgot about it

- eat in moderation (my jeans have been too tight for too long, and it is no longer baby weight…) - now they are even tighter... sigh!

- keep up my running routine - eh, no

- take good care of my body - for a little while, yes, all autumn; not at all

- read in bed before I go to sleep - nope

- spend a weekend in London with my husband - yes!

- spend a long weekend in Paris with my husband and our fellow Champagne and food loving friends - yes! which reminds me I still have film photos to share from this trip

- finish reading D2 every week and not let them pile up - during spring, yes, during autumn; not at all - haven't read a single issue

- focus on quality - not quantity - in the photos I take - can always be better

- focus on balance and simplicity - not really - this autumn has probably been the most busy ever due to the move from Bergen to Stavanger, a new job, studies, house renovation, living with my parents and in-laws - and I had no idea it would be like this when 2014 started - what a year!

- spend time outside every day - not as much as I wanted to, especially not during autumn

- continue journaling life through photography - yes!

- continue my Monday photo organizing routine (every Monday I transfer last week's photos from my cameras to my computer and upload a backup to my Flickr) - yes!

- continue the Friday tradition of "things I like lately" posts - yes! most Fridays at least

- continue the dinner planning project - because we love food and find it easier to eat healthy dinners when they are planned ahead - I thought I would continue all year, because I like the project, but I lost the drive and stopped the project some time during spring. Hope to get back to it when we move into the house and start making our own everyday routines again.

- continue to make note of good things and stay positive every day - yes!

- continue to love my little family all the way to the stars and back - YES!


  1. You did well! Lykke til med nye og fine mål for 2015! Jeg gleder meg til å følge deg videre

  2. Oh! Here there are fantastic pics. So happy I've just found this space. And just by chance, as it always happens. Nice to meet you. Veronica

  3. I think you did a great job, Astrid :)

  4. Now I'd like to see a post about all the things you accomplished in 2014! Starting a new career, moving, beginning a huge renovation- those a pretty huge. What a year!



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