Friday, 30 January 2015

things I like lately

New haircut! I think it's about 20 years since my hair was this short. (Make me feel very old...)

- this print by Babes in Boyland
- Frode Gryttens Twitter (oppdaget sent men godt - gleder meg til boken)
- 3 easy ways to streamline your wardrobe
- 7 cultural concepts we don't have in the U.S. (via reading my tea leaves)
- finishing the supervised field experiences early so I get a chance to pick up Sara in kindergarten (normally her grandparents pick her up these days)
- finishing the supervised field experiences completely - now I just have a few papers and an exam to pass before my PGCE degree is done
- a school concert (DKS) with the lovely band Mhoo
- pasta bolognes for dinner
- making American pancakes with Sara - I love that she enjoys helping in the kitchen
- red nails
- (almost) daily evening walks
my hair desperately needs a trim, but this time I'm considering a little more than a trim - maybe something like this - I did it! See proof above
- looking forward to getting a few green plants for our new home
- eating out with new friends - the murgh lababdar at Mogul was fantastic
- I get to meet my two months old nephew for the first time this weekend - can't wait!!
- love the idea of this e-course - yay for capturing the everyday!
- House of Rym's beautiful catalogue, shot by Hilda Grahnat
- these hanging planters and this blanket from House of Rym
- this dress from Hackwith Design House
- house progress - we now have proper hardwood floors, and the staircase will be installed on Tuesday
- Kid & Coe (via Vesle)

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sara falls asleep in the car on the way home from kindergarten (now when we still live at my in-laws', we have a 30-40 minutes drive home, depending on the traffic), which means she does not fall asleep until 0930-10 pm in the evening - which leaves us with no grown up time
- driving on slippery roads
- spending waaay too much time in the car in heavy traffic

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  1. Really great haircut. It was a good choice. You look fantastic. Have a nice weekend.



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