Monday, 12 January 2015

our house renovation, week 19

Daybed progress

Basement bathroom/laundry room progress

Admiring the winter sun

Admiring the finished dining table in day light


  1. yeah admiring the fotos of the renovation progress
    the table is a dream
    lg birgit

  2. How nice these home renovation pictures are!! Well dear I also want to remodel my home and I have already conducted the property inspection from most famous Palos Verdes real estate inspection. Everything is perfect in the house.

  3. Nice to see the pictures. I too had a renovation last week which ended up quite well (just renovated the roofing of our master bedroom and work space) but got lot of waste and stuffs to dispose, need to call a waste management disposal service to clean it up.

  4. Thanks for sharing the progress of your house renovation and construction services. It seems that you are very hands-on. Great!



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