Monday, 5 January 2015

our house renovation, week 18

In-between Christmas celebration, family time and New Year's fun with friends we worked on the dining table plus the shelves and daybed for the basement living room.

After a lot of sanding, we realised the wood is too pretty to be painted.

Instead we decided to oil the table, to keep the beautiful wood texture. The oil has a little bit of white in it. That way the pine won't turn yellow, like it typically does. (Note to self: make note of the name and color code for the oil for future reference.)

The table is done! Very, very happy with it! The shelves for the basement living room will be oiled too; the same as the daybed (see below).

The daybed is almost done. It will be big enough for two grown ups to sleep in; the basement living room will double as guest room in addition to home cinema room.

The daybed and the shelves will be treated with skyggegrå (shadow grey) oil from Trestjerner.

Looking forward to seeing the result in daylight.


  1. Så fint det blir! Utrolig tøft å bygge bord selv. Da vi lette etter spisebord, syntes jeg ikke det var noen fine nye å finne (utenom i 40 000-kronersklassen), men vi fant til slutt et gammelt på Finn som jeg liker ganske godt. Men ikke like fint som det dere har bygd!

  2. Det ser ut til å bli veldig bra når det er ferdig!

  3. Åh, inspirasjon i bøtter og spann!
    I "nyhuset" håper vi på å kunne ha en slik dagseng i en tv-stue :)

  4. a question that I wanted to ask since you moved out:
    did you actually sell the apartment in bergen WITH the table? and are the new owners using it? ;)

  5. This is amazing. I'm always in awe when I see pictures of your house renovation. Is your husband doing everything by himself??
    I love to see the renovation but I can't wait to see it done! Looking beautiful already!



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