Tuesday, 13 January 2015

life, week 2

She eagerly helped her grandparents tidy the garden after the storm.

being very "helpful" // I spilled half the box of oil on the floor // our house renovation, week 19

toddler lunch: egg whites (she doesn't like yolk), salami and cheese

She ate (half of) her lunch and went straight to the kitchen to clean her dishes. Then she needed a bath. Good fun for my chickenpox baby.

A little hope of what to come.

She is getting pretty good at peeling her own egg.

living room camping // she loves the sleeping bag she got from her aunt and uncle

Milestone: her first trim (by her mamma). Hope the curls will be back.

She does not care for chocolate and other sweets. Ice cream is a whole other story.

What was left of Olaf. She almost cried.

a Saturday in January

- - -

Week 2: January 5-11

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