Tuesday, 6 January 2015

life, week 1

This beautiful chocolate filled brioche was served with homemade vanilla ice cream. Lucky us who have such excellent home chef friends!

Ostehuset - we will be back! Especially for the cauliflower soup.

We are SO happy to be reunited with some of our best friends from Bergen!

Still a little bit of Christmas in the city centre of Stavanger.

New Years Eve, part 1: grilling hot dogs and outdoor games with the kids

Minutes before 2014 ends. Trying to get Sara back to sleep. I give up and instead I bring her outside, bundled up in a duvet, to welcome the new year. Here's to a happy new year!

Friday afternoon bathroom tiles shopping companion // our house renovation, week 18

Always happy to be greeted by a pastel colored morning.

a beautiful start after a rough night // apparently chickenpox are much worse the second day - my poor little baby chicken

Why not?

Despite the chickenpox, she really wanted to go outside and play in the fresh snow. Fascinating how much fun you can have in 2 cm of snow!

Can not remember the last time I made a snow lantern.

Sunday 7:30 pm // my substitute will need a plan for my classes on the first day of school after the Christmas break - whilst I take care of my chickenpox baby

- - -

Week 1: December 29 - January 4



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