Wednesday, 7 January 2015

in 2015 I plan to

my first bike, ca 1984 // slide film photo by my dad 

- move out from my parents' and in-laws' houses
- move into our Stavanger house
- make and organise a new home
- starting living my everyday life in a new house in a new city
- start planning our weekday dinners again
- start cooking again in general
- drink more tea
- take my vitamins and fish oil capsules every day
- buy a bike and start biking again
- start making a lush garden of the mud whole that is currently our garden
- read at least three novels (yeah, not much, but trying to keep my goals real)
- finish the 2014 Blurb book
- finish my PGCE degree (PPU på norsk)
- update the about page on this blog and my website
- have regular movie night - with popcorn - in our home cinema room in the new house
- start shooting film again (haven't done it since the summer vacation)
- celebrate Sara's 4th birthday and let her invite her little friends over for her first kids' birthday party
- meet my nephew for the first time
- travel to Tromsø to see my sister's family's new house
- start a tradition of an annual family Christmas party in our house
- have house guests stay in our new house
- host dinner parties with old and new friends
- drink my morning coffee on the terrace
- not travel abroad (renovating a house is not cheap...)
- stay at least 15 days at the mountain cabin (we live much closer now than when we lived in Bergen)
- not check my iPhone for social media updates or surf the web right before I go to sleep
- start moving my body again (exercise has been a non existing word in my vocabulary ever since we moved to Stavanger)
- keep working as a teacher - but I don't mind doing some freelance work too
- have regular date nights with my husband (now that we live in Stavanger, we have plenty of babysitter options)
- give my little print shop a little more attention

So, what are your plans and wishes for 2015?


  1. Sounds like a good, busy, interesting, happy program. Happy new year!

  2. Høres veldig bra ut! Kan tenke meg dere gleder dere veldig til å skape et nytt hjem sammen. Blir spennende å følge med! Jeg drømmer jo om hus selv. :)

  3. Sounds really nice! Hope you are able to do all that and more! =)

  4. Finfine mål. Og som du sier viktig å være realistisk! Jeg måtte le litt når jeg leste om dine 2014 mål og om du lyktes...kjente meg sånn igjen. Blir sikkert veldig godt å komme seg i hus, kan jeg tenke meg. Godt nytt år! Klem.



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