Thursday, 25 December 2014

things I like lately

from the archives; December 20, 2009 

I started this list a couple of weeks ago, so some of the things on the list might be a little bit outdated. 

- my two weeks Christmas break is on
- a bubbly celebration of said break with my colleague M
- spending the first night in our new house (in the basement suite)
- a pork roast Sunday dinner that made me think of Christmas Eve
- listening to Bach's Christmas Oratorio for the first time of the season whilst eating said dinner
- seeing how much fun Sara has with her three cousins
- having my article (text and photos) about Bergen in the December issue of the gorgeous The Simple Things magazine
- The Snowman
- blå Farris (sparkling water)
- Christmas all over my Instagram feed and the blogs I follow
- watching Cars with Sara
- a very much needed sleep in followed by coffee in bed
- the ever inspiring collection of photos over at ignite light
- hopefully finding some quiet time to write our Christmas cards
- this post by Erin/reading my tea leaves
- Hilde Mork's Paper me NUDE magazine and shop
- planning to do a year in review posts soon
- seeing how excited Sara got about the skis she got from her grandparents for Christmas
- the teeny tiny bit of snow that came during the night
- the fantastic Christmas Eve meal my mum cooked last night

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- a Friday night visit to the emergency room at the hospital with a family friend (all well now)
- the sleepless night and the fatigue the next day due to the ER visit
- a couple of very busy weeks (LOTS of midterm papers to grade) and no time to write my weekly things I like lately posts (it has already been two weeks since the last post)
- the total lack of Christmas mood due to too much work and house renovation
- the need to do last minute Christmas shopping at the mall on Christmas Eve due to bad planning (we WILL do better next year)
- both Sara and I have a cough

- - -

Merry Christmas everyone!

PS: my Christmas photos on Flickr + Christmas posts here on the blog


  1. i can't wait to get the simple things and read your article, astrid! i went by the bookstore to pick one up, but they still had the november issue on the stands. hopefully they'll get december's issue in soon! hope you had a very lovely christmas! :-)

  2. Get pregnant!! Then you can relax, and the age difference won't be tooooo big!

  3. Get better soon and hopefully you start with a healthy 2015!!!



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