Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Stavanger house renovation, week 14

Before (bedrooms)


Before (hallway to the left, bedrooms straight forward, bathroom to the right)


Living room seen from the hallway

Living room seen from the kitchen, terrace to the left

Kitchen and hallway seen from the living room. Staircase (we finally ordered it this week) to the basement living room will be to the left.

- - - 

A Portugese reader emailed me and asked: Why to renovate an old house? Wouldn't be more simple to remove the old one and do a new one? Is it because of contraction law?

Yes, it would probably be a lot easier to just start fresh, especially since we ended up doing so much to the house. We did plan to do quite a lot of renovation when we bought the house, but we didn't expect there would be so much extra that needed to be done (the drainage, for example). To demolish the house and build a new one, would still be much more expensive than renovate. Also, we like old houses. 

Marion commented: I am wondering if you're planning to share thoughts & plans about insulation/heating/energy consumption - i'd love to hear about this.

We are doing it rather straight forward, I think. The drainage work gave us the perfect opportunity to insulate the basement properly. The ground floor seems to be pretty well insulated already. The whole basement has underfloor heating, and the ground floor will be heated with a wood stove plus electric radiators (panelovn in Norwegian, like this). The bathroom and hallway will have underfloor heating. 

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