Monday, 15 December 2014

right now

from the 2010 archives // Fuji Pro 160C, Canon EOS 500N

Right now I'm

- exhausted, totally exhausted
- relieved that the grand grading job is veeery close to being completely finished
- happy that Friday is the last day of school/work before a two weeks VERY much needed Christmas break
- eating chocolate and chips
- thankful for my very patient husband (I have been a stressed out, emotional monster lately)
- thankful for the beautiful red roses he gifted me today
- pleased to have ordered our Christmas cards
- longing for real winter weather
- missing shooting film and using my real camera (not just my iPhone camera)
- ready to go to bed and fall asleep before 10 pm


  1. Hurra for dere, for et år dere har hatt! Det blir en særs velfortjent juleferie :D

  2. Right now you should be

    - proud for being a working woman with a nice career who studies hard to progress even more
    - even prouder for being also a lovely wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend
    - amazed for being able to jug all the above with a huge house renovation so well done


  3. Hei Astrid,
    I've been following your big renovation project, new profession as teacher and your ever busy life as wife and mother. I can totally understand why you are exhausted. Still, you are the lively, talented photographer and blogger that I have been following for years. You are a generous spirit and my Christmas wish for you is cozy, sweet rest and recharging. And then, lots of good times with family and friends. Enjoy your two-week break!



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