Tuesday, 16 December 2014

our house renovation, week 15

Living room seen from the hallway. I turn around and see... 

...this; stairs (to be) to the basement living room + bathroom/laundry room, kitchen (left) and hallway (right).

Kitchen window (right) and huge living room window (left)

Kitchen, to be. Semi-open; no door in the opening there. The dining table will be ca where the lamp is.

Kitchen, to be

Stairway, to be

Hallway and main entrance to the left and small hallway, three bedrooms and bathroom to the right. Built-in shelves in-between the hallway doors.

Hallway and bedrooms seen from where the dining table will be.

Very happy we decided to go for this huge window.

Basement suite is veeery close to being completely finished. Main entrance is to the right next to the wardrobe. One of three bedrooms straight ahead.


Bathroom straight ahead; two bedrooms to the left

PS: Ten weeks ago

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  1. what a transformation! It seems you're nearing the end! So happy for you. Seems to turn out so so lovely. I can see the capturing light pictures in my head already, and I'm eager to find out how they will look! Go Astrid :)



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