Wednesday, 31 December 2014

life, week 52

The best start I could get: a sleep in and coffee

Every time we visit the house, I like to wander around from room to room, daydreaming about how our life will be when we finally live there. // our house renovation, week 17

Keeping it real: at the mall on Christmas Eve to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Next year we'll do better. At least Sara got to greet the baby Christmas tree.

Finally! Sølvguttene sings, the Christmas dinner is served soon, Sara has already taken off her dress and is watching Fireman Sam in her undies. Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa brought a gorgeous dress and a play kitchen. She went straight to work.

Pretty excited about the Christmas gift from grandma and granddad.

Perfect timing for the first snow!

Christmas Day breakfast is always a favorite.

1 cm of snow was all we needed to make her Christmas present and skiing debut complete. She loved it more than we expected.

Happy campers out for a Christmas Day walk in the woods

Picnic in my parents' backyard (sort of)

She crawled inside to look for the treasure. She didn't find it.

So happy to be outdoors! Hei!

Puzzle time with pappa

Christmas gifts unwrapping, part 2. Sharing the excitement with her three cousins.

Boxing Day, 10 am

Emma the cat's vantage point

Orange juice duty

Boxing Day, 3 pm: Winnie the Pooh on the iPad, unknown movie on the iPhone and the start of my 2014 Blurb book on the Mac - just what we all needed.

I got coffee, sun and Dior 999

I have no words for how thankful I am for all the help we are getting these days, yet I am getting more and more desperate for a place to call my home.

That winter light that makes me pause

The day she got to watch as much movies as she wanted. Luckily there was an impromptu playdate at the end of the day. We really needed it to cure the cabin fever.

- - -

Week 52: December 22-28

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