Friday, 7 November 2014

things I like lately

autumn days; dark and rainy (from the 2011 archives) 

- a desperate Monday morning need for caffein made me buy iced coffee at the grocery store - and I actually liked (almost loved) it! 
- I'm back to doing supervised field experiences at a local high school
- finding some nice and practical pants for Sara - she has suddenly become such a tall little 3 year old
- deciding what color to paint the basement walls - refleksjon from Jotun
- season six of Gossip Girl on Netflix - finally! (and oh yes such a guilty pleasure!)
- a sudden show of fantastic fireworks - twice within a week
- dark cherry colored nail polish ("Victoria" from Nails Inc)
- this looks good (I really miss cooking, but still don't have the energy to prioritize it - hopefully this cooking energy/inspiration will return when I have my own kitchen again)
- finding the perfect simple, black shoulder bag on a whim (I mentioned last week that I had just started looking for one)
- a couple of new Moleskine notebooks. I normally buy the ruled soft notebook, but this time I went for the cheaper Volant version. Yes, I do like Moleskine.
- just like Matilde commented on this post (I noticed the exact same things on the same day she left the comment); a beautiful sunny day after too many rainy days, plus the smell of clementines - makes me think of Christmas  
- Sølve bringing me my favorite ice cream - Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate - whilst I work (late) on my assignment 
- said assignment was handed in Thursday night - yay! One down, one (big one) to go
- this post by Ina
- this post by Ine
- this post by Heidi
this talk about cookbooks on radio (Kulturhuset på P2, fra sending 6/11) 
- so, so, so thankful for all the patient, friendly, helpful, cheering people in my life right now - I could not have done all the things I'm doing now - being a new teacher in a full time position, being a part time student, doing a massive house renovation - without them 
- all your sweet, positive comments on the giveaway post - please keep them coming!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- realizing how very busy the weeks until Christmas break will be (grading student papers and writing my own exam)
- the lack of good photo light these days

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