Friday, 28 November 2014

things I like lately

from the December 2009 archives

- finishing my exam!
- this Christmas gift idea from Mariell
- looking forward to starting a tradition of regularly going to the library in Stavanger with Sara (I stopped by briefly a couple of weeks ago; it's a beautiful place)
- finding an old to do list that included "rest", "plan dinners" and "work out: hike up mount Ulriken" - oh how I long for everyday activities like that!
- a reminder to try this chocolate chip cookies recipe
- being served a big glass of my father-in-law's fresh orange juice whilst writing my exam - sunshine in a glass!
- this and this post by Marion
- listening to the rain hammering on the roof top window above my head as I write my exam - it actually made the work rather cozy
- learning the real name behind one of my favorite blogs 
- finding a letter opener on my mother-in-law's desk - it reminded me that I used to have one of my own, and that I used to write a lot of letters
- a class in grading student English exams - learned a lot
- the lunch during said class
- forholdsreglene #språknerd
- finding the perfect remedy for those days when I should have washed my hair and don't have time for it: sea salt spray, dust it and dry shampoo 
- my nephew is one week old today
- finding time to reflect, notice and appreciate the (big and small) happy things in life through my life, week x and things I like lately posts, even in these super busy days and weeks - it keeps me grounded

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- very little time to be mamma
- very little time to be wife
- I have never really cared about my age, but for some reason I suddenly feel old (I'm no longer in my early thirties; I turned 35 in October)

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  1. Du skriver så fine lister! Det er så fint å se at alle disse tingene du liker er helt hverdagslige ting som plutselig bare dukker opp på ens vei.

    Og fyrstekake er så godt! Farmor pleide alltid å lage det. Savner de koselige selskapene vi alltid hadde hos henne og farfar <3



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