Friday, 21 November 2014

things I like lately

part of last year's minimal Christmas decoration | Agfa Precisa 100, Canon EOS 500N

- all things Christmas have started popping up in the blogs I read, on the news and in the shops I visit, and I'm trying my best to embrace it (just one month left! really?!)
- planning to do most of my Christmas shopping online this year, for example here
- deciding against gifts for Sara's advent calendar; instead I'm planning to come up with 24 nice little things we can do together in the days leading up to Christmas Eve
- this post by Anaruh/Listebloggen
- mini brownies from United Bakeries
my funny eye/famapa's photos
- the new design of the Norwegian passport gets international praise - it looks gorgeous, doesn't it?!
- finishing a period of supervised field experiences at a local high school - one less thing on the agenda (until late January)
- looking forward to trying Ina's recipe for pulled pork
- watching Aristocats with Sara
- having a reason to drink Champagne tonight 

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- headaches
- too little sleep
- Sara being under the weather 
- cold chocolate (like when chocolate has been in the fridge)
- the amount of press professional athletes get (too much sports news when I drive to work in the morning) 
- a weekend ahead with exam writing (deadline Wednesday) 

- - -

Time to choose a winner of the giveaway! I asked my mother (who is sitting next to me on the sofa watching "Nytt på nytt") to say a random number between one and 21 (which is the total number of comments). She said nine which is Anaruh's comment. Congratulations A! Send meg en mail med adressen din, så skal jeg sense deg boken i løpet av uken.  


  1. Hei!
    Sorry for laber kommentar på Insta; har vært borte noen dager, og nettet var ikke sånn superbra.
    Utrolig gøy å vinne!!!!!!

    jeg har sendt deg en mail (på adressen jeg fant under 'About'

  2. I love those fiery berries, inspiring minimal christmas idea!



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