Saturday, 1 November 2014

things I like lately

the late October birthday family

- birthday week; Sølve on Sunday, me on Tuesday and Sara on Thursday 
- seeing how excited Sara was about her birthday - she seemed to understand what it was all about this year compared to the previous two years 
- seeing how excited Sara got about the doctor's set, the play-doh and balance bike 
- I'm looking for a new shoulder bag/cross body purse; I like this one from Baggu and this from Becksöndergaard
- a fun freelance job (not that I need more work to do...)
- marzipan birthday cake for days 
- a new coral colored nail polish (birthday gift from my sweet colleague Maren)
- my mum's halibut with boiled potatoes, carrots and sandefjordsmør (a sauce made of butter, cream, lemon and parsley)
- this song has been playing in my head all week
- this list by Anaruh

- - - 

Things I don't like lately

- spending way too much time in the car 
- driving when it's dark and rainy 
- too little sleep lately
- my new old phone (a hand-me-down from Sølve) broke down and it seems like I have lost all the photos I took on Sara's birthday 
- we just discovered that there has been/are mice in my parents' garage where we have pretty much all our things stored - Sara's carrier was an extra popular item on the mice menu...


  1. Oh, mice, what a bummer! I'm sorry to hear about the damage. Just spent a whole afternoon this week sealing off every little hole around the pipes under the sink in my house after discovering there'd been some mousy visit, too :-(

  2. oh i missed that you all three had birthday
    so all my best wishes to you all
    we got mice too because our cat brought some living in the house
    i hope she can catch it before there is too much damage
    lg birgit



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