Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thais shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Thais?

I think the question should be "why not to shoot film?"

What I love most about film photography is that feeling of putting a great moment in a jar and later remind everything about it, when you come back from the lab: "This day was so fun" with a lovely smile upon your face. I can even recall smells. And it doesn't happen on digital. First because you can immediately see the result, so you lose the mistery in it, and also because, as much as we try, it doesn't have the texture, the tones, the contrasts and mostly the depth as film does. There's no surprise. Film has a sense of the human I don't think we find yet in digital. The perfect imperfection.

As a professional photographer, I still use a lot of digital on my work. Sometimes because of the "quickness" (specially in photojournalism), sometimes because of the "convenience" (can't imagine doing a whole wedding on film, although I'm up for the challenge). But film photography keeps me inspired. It's my way to freeze time.

You can see more of Thais' photos on her blog and Flickr

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