Sunday, 2 November 2014

our house renovation, week 9

renovation happiness: the basement floors are leveled!

And the plastering (or is it trowelling?) has started!

living room, now also sawing room 

 The plum tree leaves are gone and plum tree stick season is on.

Lots of work has been done in the front door area (what is the correct English word for this - front yard?) this past week. Glad to see the huge pile of soil and rock is gone (the one we dug last week).

Not sure what to do with these rocks yet - build another dry stone wall maybe?

There is not enough of the old paving stones, so we need more. Couldn't find the one we already have, so decided to go for something completely different to add contrast.

Backside of the house...

1 pm house inspection in the rain

We spent the weekend shopping tiles for two of three bathrooms. Kind of fell in love with these marble ones. Might be a bit over the top for our style, especially the price...

keeping it simple in the basement suite bathroom - grey for floor, white for walls

bathtub testing on a Friday night #glamorøsfredag #liksom

Trying to decide where to have our dining table (not this one, will need a new one) and our Moser lamps. Feels weird deciding this when we are so far from finished, but the electrician needs to know, so it has to be done.  

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