Tuesday, 18 November 2014

our house renovation, week 11

Lots of progress in the basement suite. Paint, floor and bathroom tiles are done. Electricity is almost done. Bathroom units and the kitchen are coming up next week. Not long now until it's completely finished! 

Finding the right position of our terrace. 

Some decisions need to happen fast - like where the new window goes. So whilst I was away for studies at Stord, I tried my best to draw a little sketch (not too sure about my house drawing skills...), sent it to Sølve and then - in-between classes - explained/discussed it all on the phone. 

Voilà! New bedroom windows! Very happy with how the windows give the house a more modern look. (See photos of the house before here, here and here.)

And new livingroom windows (see before photo here). They have the same look as the new bedroom windows. 

The demolition phase of the ground floor is on. We are adjusting the floor plan of the bedrooms to make all three rooms as perfect as can be.

The walls by the huge window are coming along.

New windows to the left and at the far end of the room. 

Love finding traces of old life during the demolition phase!

Basement livingroom progress

No staircase yet though

Also some progress in the area behind the house - it involved moving around a few tons of rock...


  1. it reminds me of our house renovations, so much to do, but the progress is huge - looks great :)
    who's doing the work, you guys or you hired a company?

  2. so exciting to see how the house is coming along! I'd love to do a house from scratch one day, but we're not planning on ever leaving the house we're in now - oh well! looks like your life is extremely busy since the move to stavanger - you go girl!



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