Sunday, 9 November 2014

our house renovation, week 10

The driveway (I finally found what I believe is the right term for this area) is very, very close to done. Very happy with how the new, square paving stones work together with the old paving stones. In fact it looks much better than expected.

The previous owner of our house moved into a small apartment, so she didn't have room for her collection of pelargonium pots. Love seeing them still in bloom, even in early November.

6 pm house inspection

yet another Saturday date at the lumber yard

laminate flooring for the basement suite - underfloor heating too

solid hardwood flooring for the ground floor

Second coat of paint in the basement suite is done! Color: Refleksjon by Jotun 

Siding material for the walls where we change windows. The whole house needs new paint, but not until next year. Might go for something completely different than white - dark grey, maybe. Also, pretty much of the construction waste is gone - for now. 

sun on the storage area


  1. I love your aubergine nail polish.
    Great job with your house, Astrid.
    Good luck!

  2. wow - the driveway looks very pretty - i love the wall of rocks
    yes it's very hard work especially because you have to go to work each day
    so good that there are loving grandparents
    all my best wishes
    lg birgit



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