Sunday, 2 November 2014

look down | october

October 1 // part of a photo an hour

plum tree autumn leaves in our garden

ground floor to basement view

I have a thing for plywood

found: a little wind made fir needles nest

October rhubrab in our garden

found: broken hama beads figures

favorite leaves

terrace to garden view

built in flower box in the step of the terrace

pipe fittings galore

front steps to be

found: a little wind made autumn leaves triangle

gloves season is coming closer

 front steps are almost done

yes, I do love autumn leaves confetti

basement floor leveling tools


and again

impulse buy: cheap rubber boots from the hardware store - perfect for our very muddy garden

I thought I was done with mosaic tiles, but then I saw these (the colors are better in real life)

- - -

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