Sunday, 30 November 2014

life, week 47

Always a pleasure to see the morning light break the darkness.

4:45 pm house inspection // our house renovation, week 12

hei there random cat (I tried to come up with a funny caption, but my head is empty after grading student papers all day)

Their first ever midterm exam. My first time having coffee delivered to my classroom. (Teachers are normally not allowed drinks during class, but apparently midterms call for exceptions. Yay!) 

A Friday class in how to grade student English exams. Learned a lot. Great lunch too!

First frost - that I have had to deal with, at least.

Becoming an aunt calls for Champagne. So, so, so happy that my little sister is a mother too now.

I will be glued to this spot all weekend - exam writing is on for real 

here we go again

with rain hammering on the window

- - -

Week 47: November 17-23

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  1. Hei Astrid! I noticed that school children in Norway work on computers. Could I ask you if they are provided by the school? and which computers do you use? cheers!



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