Saturday, 22 November 2014

life, week 46

exam writing - big ideas yet baby steps mode // need more toffifee

Apparently the Apple Store (and most other stores) does not open until 10 am, so I suddenly found myself with a whole hour to kill. Luckily there was no rain, so I walked the streets of my new hometown and enjoyed the views. 

Christmas has just arrived in Stavanger

I love store fronts like this

So happy about the fact that there is Godt Brød in Stavanger too!

a 3 pm sky that looks painted

Home alone with little miss s, so instead of cooking dinner at home, we had meatballs at IKEA. And ice cream, of course. She seemed to enjoy the Christmas decorations. And the kids department, of course.

6:30 am Stord bound // waiting for my passenger, drinking an extremely much needed coffee

super inspired after a fantastic didactic class today #nerdinthemaking

While I was away for studies at Stord, Sølve was home alone with Sara. Kindergaten was closed on Friday, so they spent the day doing adventures together - including a trip to the beach. Lucky ducks! (Photo by Sølve)

Sølve, his brother, father and mother attended their Scout troop's 100 years anniversary and we all felt  very nostalgic for our old scouting days (I was in a different troop, so I didn't attend the anniversary). 

to buy big things with a small car // our house renovation, week 11

Our friends took us out for drinks and Interstellar (ok, but too long). We haven't been to the cinema since Avatar. And we haven't seen the inside of a pub since long before the whole moving mayhem started. 

sunny Sunday work // stress management 

- - - 

Week 46: November 10-16

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  1. what a lovely town you live in. i love walking when the town just bashfully awake in the morning, when there are only a few stores just open. good luck with your exam writing!



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