Monday, 10 November 2014

life, week 45

the supervised field experiences are on again

so thankful for mornings like this after too many pitch dark, rainy mornings

light like this gives instant inspiration #lightnerd

the media class is out and about working on their assignment - just their backpacks and the teacher left in the classroom

evening work (again) and announcing the giveaway

post party

even better and even more thankful

being outside - in the middle of the day - in the sun = instant happiness for someone who spends too much time indoors these rainy autumn days

our night time visitor brings her own pillow

Assigment due tomorrow (Friday) and trying to stay positive. Getting a head start while it's still daylight and I'm alone in the house (can't remember the last time that happened). Also, fueled by caffeine and sugar. Of course. 

for the love of balloons, and sun

dry autumn leaves are the best

again with the sun - but it was SO MUCH NEEDED

grandfather vs granddaughter

Friday flower find

made by the little one, hung by the grandmother

It has been ten weeks in this room. I'm not sick of it yet, but I do look forward to living in a house I can call my own again. I really do // our house renovation, week 10

- - -

Week 45: November 3-9

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  1. Love the grandfather vs granddaughter picture! (:



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