Tuesday, 4 November 2014

life, week 44

so much traffic // never getting used to it 

Tuesday 0:45 am // to make sure I don't get a minute of rest, I accepted a (fun) freelance job #needsleep 

6:40 am birthday breakfast with a bunch of roses and my favorite chocolate to keep me company

Sara's 7:30 am birthday wake up call - we sang the birthday song four times before she finally woke up #3goingon13

Just what I needed on a Friday afternoon - a birthday gift (found in my post shelf a few days late) from my colleagues.

the day after

Is it wreath season already?

Damned mice got into the garage! Luckily it seems like they only went for Sara's carrier. Have moved a whole lot of boxes into the house though. Better safe than sorry! // our house renovation, week 9

"Man skal ei else for å sluke", Henrik Ibsen // Skien souvenir borrowed from my mamma because I couldn't find my own totes 

So excited about the play-doh she got for her birthday. Apparently her pappa has some mad play-doh skills (in addition to the dinosaur cutting skills).

Sunday study space - assignment due Friday

bought them for my mum three weeks ago // rose win 

- - - 

Week 44: October 27 - November 2

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