Sunday, 23 November 2014

Easter at the mountain cabin, on film I

Agfa Precisa 100, Olympus mju 

It's raining cats and dogs outside my November window and I'm buried deep in pedagogics and didactics as I write my exam that is due in a couple of days. Feels nice to take a few moment and dream myself back to our Easter holiday at the mountain cabin. Always a winner!

Sara has mentioned lately that she wants to go to the mountain cabin. She says she wants to go sledding and sleeping in a snow (obviously inspired by watching Karsten og Petra på vinterferie too many times). She must have seen photos of it and that way it has been brought to mind. Or maybe she just randomly remembers her time being there. I don't know. How much does a 3 year old actually remember? Anyway, it's a shame we haven't been there yet, now that we live just 1,5 hour away (compared to 6,5 hours when we lived in Bergen).  Well, it will have to wait until we have finished the renovation. Like everything else. From now on we will refer to everything in a pre and post Stavanger house renovation chronology. After 12 weeks of renovation (and living with my parents and my in-laws) I'm getting more and more eager to get to the "post" period.

Break is over! Back to exam writing! 

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