Saturday, 25 October 2014

things I like lately

- meeting my fellow PGCE students again
- a very inspiring lecture on didactic
- seeing the girl in front of me knit during lectures
- the HSH campus - such lovely outdoor areas
- Japanese maple trees 
- komle for lunch in the middle of a really long day of lectures
- red nail polish all week 
- red lipstick on a Friday 
- morning sun on frosty grass (note to self: soon time to put on winter tires!)
- wondering if this or this might be something for Sara's lunchbox (for smoothie)
- might get one of these for Sara - do you use light like that?
- lots of progress in the house
- all the very generous help we get from our parents (bringing Sara to/from kindergarten, making dinner, doing laundry, etc.) - we could not have done all the work/renovation/studies we are doing now without their help 
- lots of bedtime hugs from Sara 
- watching Shaun the Sheep with Sara
- Nord magazine's new website
- almost done (21 down, 2 to go) with parent teacher conferences 
- Christmas marzipan (some might say it's too early to eat it now; I think it tastes much better now when it's fresh)
- first wood stove fire of the season 
- that wood pile in the picture above 
- listening to jazz (my dad is really into it) on a Friday night and remembering that time Sølve and I heard Claire Martin at a jazz club in London
- MAV's collection twelve - bummed it's already sold out
- a beautiful handmade early birthday gift from my friend Ingvild in Bergen 

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- very, very little me time
- it's been too long since I last worked out
- mornings that are pitch dark and rainy - makes driving quite hard 
- long work days and very little time with Sara and Sølve 
- spending very little time outdoors 

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