Friday, 3 October 2014

things I like lately

from my 2005 archives 

- an afternoon playdate, with coffee and cake
- a pretty sunrise seen on my way to work
- crisp morning air
- getting more of my autumn clothing out of storage
- finding a little time to use a hair mask (I use this one) and facial mask (I use this one)
- a heavenly cinnamon bun from Kanelsnurren
- doing a few errands in the city center of Stavanger with Sølve and getting a feeling of our new hometown
- waking up next to a happy Sara - who makes her teddy walk all over my face... (she's normally pretty grumpy in the morning)
- a stack of fresh interior design magazine - I need a lot of visual inspiration for our house renovation these days
- hearing Sara's dialect go from a typical Bergen one to more Stavanger style
- lamb shanks for Sunday dinner, and then leftover stew on Monday - real hearty autumn food!
- a sudden memory of The Hummingbird Bakery red velvet cupcakes
- this post by Anaruh/Listebloggen
- a random autumn colored leaf dancing passed the classroom window
- snacking on dried mango
- a bubble gum pink tank truck
- a woman walking her six little white dogs in a big field (seen through a bus window)
- seeing Romeo + Juliet again (with my 10th grade English class)
- the vivid autumn colors in Skien (my mamma's hometown) - much more vivid than in Sandnes/Stavanger/Randaberg and Bergen
- having my fringe cut - at the same hair salon that both my grandparents used to go to 
- homemade pizza and dry cider on a Friday night 
- a Saturday night dinner date with our friends 
- the start of my one week autumn break (in which I will be working on getting a jour with things) 

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- feeling emotionally drained after a very demanding day 
- I lost my iPhone in the floor and the screen broke
- missing Bergen a lot this weekend; wish I could have attended Bergen Design Story and hear Nathan Williams, Kinfolk founder, talk 

- - - 

PS: Joar og Nina! SAVNER dere så! Senest i kveld lekte Sara at hun var både Nora og Konrad - og hun var storesøster (forvirrende, ja). Og hun er veldig opptatt av at dere alle fire må komme i bursdagen hennes. 

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  1. Fine posten!
    Håper du finner igjen flyten i løpet av høstferien, husk å få litt egentid mellom jobb, oppussing, familie og alt annet som snurrer og går i hundre!

    Takk for linking; hver gang du gjør det, fyker besøkstallene mine opp i himmelen :)



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