Wednesday, 22 October 2014

our house renovation, week 7

hunting the light (always)

First base of the terrace is done; a large step seat (or is it stair seat?) (sittetrinn på norsk) that goes all around the terrace. Love the look of it without the formwork from last week!

still exploring shades of grey

Look! There are walls in the basement suite! SO happy to get to this phase of the project.

And then there was another delivery of concrete - for window wells, front steps and the terrace.

There was a window delivery too. Very excited to see the effect of that huge window in the living room...

Terrace - done! We have talked about putting slate tiles on top of it, but haven't decided yet. Will wait until spring, at least. Note: There are a set of "normal" stairs on the left side of the terrace.

Sølve finished the dry stone wall - made from rocks found in the garden during the drainage work.

A new set of front steps - yay! (The old one had to go because of the drainage work.)

Garden status, mid-October: red currant bushes autumn style, mud piles and window wells.

we are down to two shades of grey (plus layers of wool - including hat - on the little one)

Basement suite progress! Two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen - all seen from the livingroom.

basement suite bedroom (one of three)

bathroom (left) and kitchen (right)

hallway/front door area and bedroom (no walls yet) seen from the livingroom

The basement living room will double as home cinema/entertainment room and guestoom. It will not be part of the rental part of the basement. 


  1. I think slate tiles are a good idea! They look beautiful and they are getting warm in the sun and save the heat of the day. It feels good to walk barefoot or sit on a warm terrace during summer days and evenings. Also slate is very soft.

    Great progress!


  2. Vet ikke hvilke gråfarger det står mellom, men synes den ene ligner på den vi har i stua - den heter Morgendis, og vi er veldig fornøyd med den :) Den skifter liksom farge ettersom lyset endrer seg gjennom dagen. Er ellers veldig imponert over alt dere har på gang!

  3. Imponerende innsats! Det kommer til å bli innmari fint!



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