Monday, 13 October 2014

our house renovation, week 6

inspiration wall 

9 am house inspection

lots of formwork going on this week

terrace progress (and poor, poor garden)

Friday date (buying kitchen at IKEA for the basement suite)

Saturday, noon: exploring fifty shades of grey

terrace progress - with built in flower box


A few of the window wells are done. Pretty much, at least. They will be painted as well.

Terrace, waiting for concrete. Lots of construction waste, waiting to be taken away to the recycling facility. Garden, waiting for spring and a lot of TLC.

livingroom, also known as the mighty storage room

front steps to be

a few shades of grey - and more to come

Sølve got a really got work out by putting back lots and lots of soil, rocks and gravel by the window wells during the weekend.


  1. Dere er så himla flinke! Og så gøy det er å få følge dere i denne prosessen! Får nesten (men bare nesten, altså) lyst til å kjøpe nytt hus og velge alt selv.

  2. I actually had to google what Glava was because they looked like fancy mattresses! Like you were storing yoga equipment or something :) Hahaha silly me!

  3. I would take the bright grey, not the dark one.
    LG Nanne


  4. I'm really curious to see the finished house ! You always have good taste!


  5. I'm really curious to see the finished house ! You always have good taste!

  6. Så flinke dere er! Imponert.

  7. Ville bare si at jeg liker bloggen din veldig godt! Og så morsomt å følge med på oppussingen og det nye livet deres i Stavanger framover!

  8. Congratulations!! I love your blog because I practice my English every day. Thanks and kisses from Seville!!

  9. I really like your inspiration wall!



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