Tuesday, 7 October 2014

our house renovation, week 5

The old stairs from the ground floor down to the basement used to be where the piece of plywood is - right in the middle of the house. You can still see the marks of where the walls were. So happy we decided (after our good friend Kai's brilliant suggestion) to move the stairs (over to the left of the room, by the makeshift handrail). 

Livingroom seen from the hallway. It will be a bit smaller than our Bergen apartment livingroom.

There will be a new huge window by the new stairs. The kitchen is to the right in this photo.

There will be a new wall and door for the hallway (next to the turquoise wall) + a new door for the sleep department of the house (just because we don't love the one that is already there + we want it to match the new hallway door). The bathroom (behind the mirrored wall) will be a bit bigger, which means this whole area will be a little smaller. The kitchen is behind the turquoise wall. 

This small basement window will be part of the new huge window mentioned above.

Random finds in the basement: a pear, a sponge and a pair of protective glasses

Basement progress! Two bedrooms, a bathroom (to the right) and part of the livingroom for the basement suite.

Basement progress! Our new bathroom and basement livingroom seen from the basement suite + the third bedroom in the basement suite seen to the far right. The basement suite kitchen will be to the left in this photo.

Basement progress! Our new bathroom (right), my tiny under stairs workspace (left) and the third basement suite bedroom (in the back) seen from the basement livingroom.

- - -

A blog reader asked when we expect to move in. The simple answer is; we don't know. Hopefully by Christmas. If you have an extra dose or two of patient to share, please send it my way!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these renovation steps, it's really interesting and instructive. And quite impressive, too: it looks like your house is being transformed really fast! I am wondering if you're planning to share thoughts & plans about insulation/heating/energy consumption - i'd love to hear about this.
    Good luck with the rest of the work!



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