Thursday, 30 October 2014

life, week 43


blodsukkerstimulering // after a long work day 

the end // can I have a nap now, please?

waiting for parent teacher conference // one down, five to go // classroom view // stick season is getting closer // there will be wine at the end of the day

weekend working - what else is new?

the pancake monster is more than ready for pappa's birthday breakfast

an early birthday present made by the loveliest Ingvild in Bergen - love her little Vetle Eple brand

I made pasta! As mentioned before, I don't cook much these days, so it was really nice to put on that apron again for some proper (birthday dinner) cooking.

Who knew a couple of new toothbrushes and a grocery store shopping cart car could be SO much fun!?

That autumn color! Does anyone know the name of this tree? It looks a lot like rowanberry, but it isn't.

his birthday wish; digging company // our house renovation, week 8

- - -

Week 43: October 20-26


  1. Treet kan være hjortesumakk!
    Lett å kjenne igjen på blomstene.

  2. Hei,

    That tree looks like a Sumac. Beautiful!


  3. Hei! Eg trur treet er Sorbus ´Dodong´, dvs. ein type rogn... Nydelige haustfargar!

  4. The tree looks like Ailanthus, but should see some more of it. Cheers from Budapest! Adrienne

  5. We have the exact same grocery store shopping cart here in Lugano! Lucia adores riding it :)

  6. a little late but from the bottom of my heart
    best wishes and happy birthday :)))
    lg birgit

  7. I love your blog, I visit daily and am very appreciative of the glimpses into your life....thank you for sharing

  8. I agree with Adrienne. The name of the tree is Ailanthus altissima (tree of heaven).
    Happy birthday to all three of you!
    Ania from Kraków



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