Friday, 17 October 2014

life, week 41

life as a new teacher: working (late) on the autumn break

"I'm having a picnic, mamma!"

Inspired by recent posts by reading my tea leaves and practicing simplicity, I did a bit of autumn cleaning of my closet.

autumn break #liksom

starting to feel like a pathetic overachiever #newbie

autumn is definitely here

still warm // hurrah for a bakery in our new neighbourhood 

First time ever I have found these kind of carrots in a Norwegian grocery store. So excited! #nerd

Friday date: kitchen shopping at IKEA // our house renovation, week 6

Autumn is indeed here.

Saturday 6:40 am wake up call: "It's morning, mamma. I want to watch cartoons."

Sunday hei

- - -

Week 41: October 6-12


  1. This is a huge library... for teachers...

  2. I'm into it! I love the little "life, week #" posts!



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