Wednesday, 8 October 2014

life, week 40

lunch at the desk whilst preparing to teach geology // also: field observations in media and communications classes 

in-laws' kitchen still life

Tuesday 7:45 am 

Tuesday 7:45 pm

morning skies like this mean open air driving

afternoon drops like this mean the roof has to stay on

welcome October // part of a photo an hour 

made me smile 

enjoying the beauty despite the reason for my travels

Morning fog, magazine and quality caffeine from the airport coffee shop - such contrast to my normal mornings driving through the rush traffic. 

The autumn colors are much more vivid over there in the eastern parts of the country compared to here on the west coast.  

Leftovers from the previous owner. Also; our house renovation, week 5

Done with today's teaching and wondering if I can gather the strength and will to do more work today. Next up: weekend and a week of autumn break - in which I will be working... Oh the life of a new teacher!

it's been a while

new neighbourhood

new hometown

Apparently playgrounds are MUCH more fun than going to the cinema (for the first time ever) with mamma. (When she started walking in from of the big screen, I quickly realized it was time to leave. 20 minutes in.)

Look who came to check out the sunny spots in our new house! #favoritedog

The Burger King crown was a big hit. So was playing in her grandma's curtains. 

- - - 

Week 40: September 29 - October 5 

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