Sunday, 5 October 2014

life, week 39

before lunch | that kind of Monday

to get caught in rain whilst driving a convertible

"It's your letter, mamma!" | she drew it herself and I'm super proud

desicions, desicions | our house renovation, week 4 

afternoon serenading - with milk, a plastic drum stick and a carrot

early bird student, ready for a day of field observations

so good I couldn't wait | Kanelsnurren

almost Bergen

loving all the street art around Stavanger - all part of NuArt, I think

Sunday brunch at my parents' | those croissants are to die for

ready for brunch | love her little hair bun

"It's a birthday party, mamma."

possibly my favorite autumn tree

- - -

Week 39: September 22-28

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  1. Oh! It's so great to catch up with you and your adventures again! I can get so wrapped up and preoccupied/stressed in my little world & work that I forget to breathe! Reading about life across the big pond is so refreshing, a breath of fresh air. I just love your photos and snippets of your days, thanks for sharing! :)



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