Wednesday, 1 October 2014

a photo an hour

As seen through my phone and the VSCO Cam app on a very regular Wednesday - October 1, 2014 - in my new life as a middle school teacher, living with my in-laws in Sandnes whilst waiting for our Stavanger house renovation to finish. 

7 am: I have had breakfast, made my matpakke (packed lunch) and showered. Now I'm ready to hit the morning traffic, armed with news on the radio (P2 er mitt standard valg) and a big cup of coffee (I always leave the lid off whilst showering so the coffee is not too hot when I'm ready to drink it in the car). Everyone else is still asleep. 

The weather looks nice, but behind me the clouds are dark. Very dark. I'm not taking the chance of getting caught in rain (again), so I keep the roof (of my mother-in-law's convertible) on. 

8 am: First morning meeting with the other teachers and then two lessons straight - Norwegian and religion.

10 am: Enjoying a relaxing 15 minutes break in-between lessons. Glad the students mostly seemed to get the whole MindMup thing. Next up: English.

11 am: Lunch. Oats bread with mayonnaise, salami and cherry tomatoes on the side. Bonus: Leftover sweet buns from 9th grade students' cooking lessons. 

Noon: A lesson of geology is done. My mother-in-law's (who is a retired primary school teacher) collection of lava stones and volcanic ash came in handy.

1 pm: The second lesson of geology is done (geology is part of geography which is part of the subject called social science). Five lessons straight with my class today; now they are off to their optional subjects. 

2 pm: In addition to teaching my own class in Norwegian, English, religion and social science, I teach English in a 10th grade class plus a class of optional subject called media and information. 6th and 7th lesson on Wednesdays are my media and information lessons. Wednesdays are long, busy days.

4:30 pm: I got caught up in conversation with the friendliest, most helpful colleagues plus there were some much needed preparations for lessons on Friday to do, so I forgot to take photos. But I made up for it with three in a row right before heading home. Also: SO much needed chocolates! (Still keeping the roof on; it just started raining when I got to the car.)

5 pm: Came home to yummy fish soup a la my mother-in-law. Sara sat still by the table for one minute, max. I was too tired to take up the fight, so I (we; my mother-in-law and I) let her do her thing.

6 pm: Taking a little break from the teddy drawing to skype with her cousins in Bergen.  She was so eager to show them her current favorite teddy.

7 pm: Drawing and cartoons ("Sara og Kvakk" og "Charlie og Lola" er to favoritter for tiden) did the trick to make her eat dinner (which turned into supper). Apparently she was hungry, and she loved the fish soup.

8 pm: Luckily Sara fell asleep rather quickly (unlike recent nights...). Trying to find a decent outfit for tomorrow's funeral. My plane leaves in the early am, so there is no time to do it in the morning.

9 pm: Blogging (this post)

10 pm: SO ready for bedtime.

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