Saturday, 20 September 2014

things I like lately

from my iPhone archives

- reading about Suzanne's digital rehab
- this autumn list by Tiril
- a rare weekday evening spent on the sofa with my feet up, reading blogs, eating chips, dip and chocolate (life has really become a whirlwind after moving to Stavanger)
- my mum's salmon pasta
- this post by Erin (with half my wardrobe still in boxes, my wardrobe is quite minimalistic these days - and I don't mind at all!)
- visiting kitchen shops to get inspiration for our two new kitchens
- still sandal weather - the weather has been SO good lately; 20 degrees celsius in September is rather unusual
- dry autumn colored leaves on the ground 
- apple cake with vanilla custard at the parent-teacher meeting in Sara's kindergarten
- jaffa cakes at a school meeting
- my friend Ingvild got married - looking forward to seeing the photos by Mariell

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- a feverish Sara
- slow internet connections
- no time or energy to work out
- the never-ending drainage project around our house

- - -

Answers to questions in the comments:

M asked: Har du vært på nuart-festivalen å sett resten av streetarten?
- Dessverre ikke hatt tid til det, men fått rapport fra en nuart-frelst kollega om all dens fortreffelighet :-)

Irene asked: How does it feel for you being a teacher?
- It's overwhelming yet fun. I feel like I have chosen the right new career path. 

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