Friday, 5 September 2014

things I like lately

that light, that apartment | Agfa Precisa 100, Minolta SRT 101

- as of Friday August 29, our Stavanger house is officially ours!
- exciting plans for renovating our house
- an evening out with two of my best friends - so nice to catch up again! (and now that I live in Sandnes/Stavanger we can meet so much more often)
- a canning date with my friend T and my new friend O
- pedicure (gift from my mamma)
- finally meeting all my students
- and then meeting all their parents - a successful first meeting
- all the generous help from my colleagues 
- meeting my fellow PGCE students again
this list by Anaruh
- your comments on this post
- driving my mother-in-law's convertible to work 
- hiking to Steinkjerringa with my students and the rest of the 8th graders at my school 
- all the generous help we get from our parents, especially with Sara + laundry, grocery shopping, dinner and all other kinds of house work - I feel spoilt and super grateful

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- saying goodbye to our Bergen apartment - it was very emotional
- still working on getting used to driving during morning and afternoon rush hour
- adjusting to a new job and the lack of mastery
- Sara adjusting to a new kindergarten 
- hardly seeing Sara at all during weekdays because of long work hours followed by renovation planning at the house 
- stomach flu

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  1. Mulig jeg er litt emosjonell her akkurat nå, men får litt tårer i øynene av det bildet <3
    Og tusen takk for linking - er skikkelig glad i listene dine også!



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