Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September 30, 2005-2014

2005: The day we moved into our Bergen apartment.

2006: Sølve and I hosted the family dinner after our niece's baptism - hence lots of nibblies.

2007: I was in Moscow for work, drank vodka and interviewed Maxi Jazz of Faithless.

2008: Caption written on Flickr: 274/366 | After a good day at the office I walked home, made pasta salad (whole gain pasta, roast chicken, salami, red onion, sweet peas, cherry tomatoes and pesto) and hosted the film club's third meet up. We saw La Dolce Vita (chosen by me).

2009: I didn't take any photos on September 30, 2009, so here is one from the day before. Caption written on Flickr: Monday September 29 | autumn view from our bedroom window. blanket days have just started.

2010: Supper with my dear friend Hanne.

2011: 34 weeks pregnant and nearly done with the big renovation of our beloved Bergen apartment.

2012: Sara (11 months old) playing maracas.

2013: Sara (1 year and 11 months old) snacking whilst watching cartoons.

2014: A ten minute nap in the car made bedtime last for ever. (Sølve's old room is now Sara's temporary bedroom whilst we wait for our Stavanger house renovation to finish.) 

- - -

By chance I discovered that I did the same kind of flashback post in 2010, but mostly with different photos. Ha!


  1. For en fantastisk post! Lurer på hva jeg gjorde på denne dagen de årene... Har bare kontroll på 2003; det var den dagen min kjære farfar døde. Ikke akkurat det koseligste minnet, men...

  2. this series is so awesome!
    i found a day in august - for the first time: http://www.zwergenprinzessin.com/2014/08/21-august-2005-2014/ :)))

    how do you find the days which fit? (i guess you are way more organised than me ;) )
    greetings from vienna!



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