Tuesday, 23 September 2014

life, week 38

Monday 7 am

clean | school canteen

she's really into cutting these days

We started the day at the doctor's, but it turned out to be a lovely day after all. She has lost her voice ("it's sleeping, mamma"), but her fever is gone. She even enjoyed looking at tiles, toilets and kitchen with me. And we had lunch at IKEA. PS: our house renovation, week 3

my (work) space

utevakt | still sandal weather

bed time reading

bedroom window (at my in-laws') view

inevitable | stuck in Friday afternoon traffic

routine when she's at my parents'

Friday afternoon bliss in my parents' neighbourhood (+ a little VSCO Cam C1 magic)

I'm so happy she enjoys being outdoors - even if it's just right behind my parents' house

"It's a bus, mamma"

Sunday work space view

- - -

Week 38: September 15-21

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