Sunday, 14 September 2014

life, week 36

I had a canning date with my friend T and my new friend O | raider svigermors norgesglasslager for mandagskveldens matauk 

"I'm watching you granddad, so you don't fall on my head."

the renovation is ON | our house renovation, week 1

on today's timetable: hiking | Synesvarden + Steinkjerringa

A huge benefit of living with my in-laws': afternoon playdates at our friends' gorgeous house only one minute away 

father-in-laws' plum wine to be

My husband has dinosaur cutting skills. Who knew?!

Yay for my landscape architect sister who is willing to play architect for the day. Bonus: baby boy belly! 

outside Sølve's new Stavanger office

- - -

Week 36: September 1-7


  1. så fin uke! Har du vært på nuart-festivalen å sett resten av streetarten? :)

  2. :)
    Sara looks so happy helping her grandpa.



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