Monday, 1 September 2014

life, week 34

Celebrating first day of school - as a teacher!

last teacher standing - it's becoming a habit

And then there is the home office - complete with dinner and dessert served by my mamma.

Really needed that walk!

7 am, 10 C - I wore sandals last week, now I'm wearing converse (no socks though)
a treat from my mamma

exploring new to me parts of my hometown | and then; dinner with my girlfriends

morning commute

morning commute

my love | I cried

last evening with this view | and then I cried again

so, so empty | part of a photo an hour

She got sick in the car and continued until four in the morning. Poor, poor girl. Luckily is seems to have already passed. 

home for the next x month(s) | staying with my in-laws' while we renovate our house

- - -

Week 34: August 18-24


  1. Velkommen til Stavanger - jeg håper dere får det veldig fint her. Og jeg kjenner meg så godt igjen i bergentårene - regnbyen er en vanskelig by å flytte fra.

  2. Hope the move went smoothly and that you'll be able to enjoy your new home soon! Good luck with the teaching, so exciting!

  3. Astrid, kjære deg, tar du bilder mens du kjører? Vær så snill å ikke gjør det, med tanke på både din egen og andres sikkerhet? Tusen takk!

    Hilsen hønemor :)



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