Wednesday, 3 September 2014

a food list

homemade gnocci | Agfa Precisa 100, Minolta SRT 101

Some time, in near future, I will

- make lemon mousse
- cook with the rose harissa that blog reader Sarah sent me
- once again promise myself to start using my cookbooks more often
- make pulled pork
- use a whole lot of chives from our garden (I'm ashamed to say that we have not been good at using it before)

I recently made gnocchi for the first time, using this recipe. It was ok, but has room for improvement. 

(This post has been in my draft folder for a while. I planned on extending it, but now I'm posting it instead. In these busy days of renovation and new job, it's convenient to post already written posts. Also, living with my in-laws' means I don't cook a lot these days. Really looking forward to having my own kitchen again.)

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  1. Nå fikk jeg veldig lyst til å prøve å lage gnocchi, kanskje allerede i kveld. Ser jo relativt enkelt ut :) Og ser for meg at Orvar vil like det.



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