Friday, 8 August 2014

things I like lately

I have ten posts prepared with film photos from our two weeks at Mallorca - I hope you are ready for a bit of Mallorca galore in this space in the coming weeks | Playa de Palma | Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

- we got a kindergarten place for Sara in Stavanger!! I'm so relieved!
- after a quick visit to a few fashion stores whilst doing errands in the city center, I got excited about autumn styles
- a new white shirt with tiny black hearts 
- night and mornings are a little bit chilly and the air feels fresh - a gentle hint of the season ahead
- Lorena's post about our visit - her words and photos really touched me
- Thea and Amanda's Instagram photos
- this post by Amanda (such a charming house!) which makes me wonder if we should have white walls in our new house, or keep the light grey "skumring" that we have in our Bergen apartment 
- Emmeselle illustrations
- this post by Karianne (plus the comments) and this article in A-magasinet that inspired Karianne's post (both in Norwegian)
- this post by Natalie
- this Bill Cunningham documentary
- giving gifts, especially homemade edible gifts
- wearing an apron, because it means I'm really into cooking
- the CITIx60 guide books (via D2)
- seeing my friends Catherine and Hanne's new houses
- Hanne's son's care package to Sara and the card that said "it will all be alright" - he was worried about her because she has found it hard to adjust to kindergarten life this week
- meeting our friends' newborn baby boy and his two very proud big brothers
- ordering a Prinstagram photo book of Mallorca photos 
- passing my Bergen's best toy store and seeing one of the employees draw a hopscotch on the pavement outside the store 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- lots of tears when leaving Sara in kindergarten this week
- eating waaaay too much sugar - my body is really starting to hate me for it
- our apartment is starting to feel very empty, it even has that empty room sound

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  1. Again a lovely list! And I am looking forward to your posts with pictures full of sunshine, sand, gorgeous food and vacation spirit!



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