Saturday, 16 August 2014

things I like lately

Agfa Precisa 100, Minolta SRT 101

- first week at my new job is completed and I survived. It was exhausting, chaotic but fun.
- all my new, very helpful colleagues 
- I have started my #astridsdailyworkout project again - feels so good!
- treating myself to new workout wear, including tights - I have been a bit skeptical before, but they are so comfortable
- Melshei (a forrest/park in Sandnes) - practically my parents' backyard 
- my first ever (since I was a kid at least) pair of sweatpants - oooh so comfortable yet a very guilty pleasure (sweatpants that are actually stylish)
- being taken good care of by my mamma and pappa (I stayed with them during the week and went back to Bergen for the weekend)
- this interview with Amanda Jane Jones
- I love wardrobe posts like this
- the color of rowan berries and heather - the color of late summer 
- a couple of glasses of bubbly and homemade pizza when I got home to Bergen Friday night after a long day at work followed by the 4,5 hours drive to Bergen
- the first thing Sara said to me when she saw me after a week apart: "Good to see you, mamma" and then she gave me the best hug ever
- Saturday afternoon at the Farmers Market (Bondens Marked) with the family, including red deer burgers and sweet buns with raspberry jam and custard 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- adjusting to a new job and the lack of mastery 
- spending a lot of time in the car (I'm not at all used to dealing with morning and afternoon rush hour)
- being away from Sara and Sølve all week (although it has been really good to just focus on the new job) 

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