Friday, 1 August 2014

things I like lately

the Eiffel tower seen from Centre Pompidou - the whole film is yellow (its not just the scan), but I still find the photos quite magical

- Rebecca Zeller's photos - I absolutely love how she captures people
- chamomile tea before bedtime
- this post by Karianne
- an impromptu party with our friends on a very regular Monday
- singing out loud to Bjelleklang
- dancing to Squirrel Nut Zippers (I'm not a big dancer, but this music always gets me going)
- finally being completely engrossed in a book again (The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler)
- (finally) realizing I can read books on my iPhone - I still prefer good old paper books but oh! the convenience of the iPhone
- having six films developed, including four from Mallorca
- the ruined film from Paris mysteriously reappeared - the colors are indeed completely off (as you can see above) but the moments are there
- having my hair trimmed (cut of nearly 10 cm!) and bangs cut
- the hydrangea in our garden is finally blooming again
- bubbly and nibbles with the lovely ladies Ingvild and Silje
- Ingvild's date and walnut cake
- I think I'll make this with the bunch of kale I bought yesterday 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- our car broke down, again. This time we won't fix it. 
- a week of too much food, sweets, drinks and no work out
- procrastinating 
- potty training Sara is a bit tiring at times 
- our lawn desperately needs mowing, but its too wet to do anything about it (we have a reel mower and I find that it doesn't work well when the grass is too wet and too long) 

- - -

Answers to questions in the comment section

Marion asked in a comment on this post: 
I am really looking forward to seeing more photos of your new house and to read about the renovation process. Buying an old house and renovate it to make it look just the way you want sounds both amazing and scary for aspiring first-time house owners. I'd love to know what advice you would give to complete newbies in this domain or if you have any helpful books or websites to recommend.

Sølve and I have renovated four old apartments in the past; the house in Stavanger will be our fifth big project together. We have tried, failed, succeeded and gotten a lot of hands on experience. Having built the mountain cabin together with his father and brother, Sølve is quite the handyman. He normally knows how to build stuff - and I'm the decorator. We make a great team! 

If you have never done a renovation before, I would start small to get a feeling with what its all about. Paint some walls, assemble furniture, learn how to use an electric drill and a leveler. Seek advice from people with relevant experience. Keep in mind that all projects always take longer to finish than planned. We have never used any books or websites for information, but my brother-in-law, who is a building engineer, recently tipped us about books from SINTEF (a Norwegian building and infrastructure research institute).

Matilde asked on this post: 
Får du tak i den type tunfisken på boks her i Norge?

I Bergen har jeg funnet den på Lerøy. Kanskje Helgø/Meny har den. Den er litt dyr, men smaker veldig godt. Jeg kjøpte med meg en del bokser fra Spania i fjor og Mallorca i år - mye billigere der.

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