Tuesday, 5 August 2014

look down | july

found: a slice of bread

pink rose confetti in our garden matching my pink pants

in our garden

Lorena's lovely rug

beach time

flower vs super dry soil

Sara told me she painted a road for the cars to drive on (kids got to paint in the streets in Lorena's village during the village festival)

beach time, again

me likes

I love tiles like this

our Mallorca home pool

love my Bergen floors too, and bubbly

waiting for the light rail - should have walked instead


- - -

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  1. I love this series. I'm always taking pictures like those, but never thought of making it a series. genious!

  2. elsker denne lille serien du har og det siste bildet var spesielt hyggelig :)

  3. I like to see some moments of that day in this collection…


  4. Love the cobble-stones. And the tiles. And the wooden floor. And all the other pictures.



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